Recommended Trees for Landscaping Around Pools

You have a beautiful pool that your whole family loves to use. You’ve put countless hours into making sure your pool is perfect and enjoyable for everyone. What goes around the pool can be just as important, including the deck, the pool furniture and even the trees. Trees provide shade and can make this key outdoor space even more attractive.

That said, there are several factors you’ll want to consider before adding trees around your pool. For example, you don’t want a tree that will drop too many leaves, has roots that will clog plumbing or doesn’t match your style. Read on to find out about recommended trees for landscaping around pools in Los Angeles, CA.

Japanese maple

These trees are native to Japan and Korea and are considered to be large shrubs or small trees. These slow-growing trees do not often reach higher than 20 feet. People love their bright colors, hanging leaves and delicate shape. These grow best when planted in sheltered conditions and do not respond well to wind. They do need plenty of water that will help with keeping the soil moist.


For tropical and sub-tropical climates, palms are an ideal choice because their roots grow straight down into the ground. They’re also a good fit for those looking for a privacy screen, and they come in a number of varieties. They only need to be watered rarely, which can be a benefit in California.

Citrus trees

These trees come in varieties like tangerine, lime, lemon, orange and grapefruit. These are bound to add a welcome pop of color and uniqueness to any pool or patio space. Plus, you can enjoy the fruit that grows on these trees! They prefer full sun and are able to tolerate many different soil conditions.

Hinoki cypress

These dark evergreen trees are also called false cypresses, and may grow up to 75 feet tall. Those used in landscaping may range anywhere from as short as two feet to as tall as 25 feet. They prefer slightly acidic soil, so you may need to add acid fertilizer.

Fruitless olive trees

These trees are native to the Mediterranean region and have soft foliage similar to a willow tree. Olive trees will grow slowly to 25 or 30 feet in full sun. These trees have the ability to grow in droughts once established, though they require plenty of water in their first year.

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