Why You Should Never Bury an Above-Ground Pool

Pools are a huge investment, so it’s natural for homeowners in Los Angeles, CA to search for the lowest price possible. However, the cheapest option isn’t always the best. For those wondering if they can bury their above-ground pools, the answer is no—and here’s why.

Why it doesn’t work

Above-ground and in-ground pools aren’t interchangeable. Not all pools fulfill the same purpose, which is why they’re given different names. One key difference is the materials used to construct the outer shells. In-ground pools are made with tough, load-bearing steel that stands unmoving against the sheer weight of the surrounding backfill. Thus, only certain materials—and types of pools—are suitable for in-ground use.

On the other hand, the walls of an above-ground pool are constructed with a much thinner, flimsier sheet of metal. They’re not designed to bear the weight of anything other than pool water. Above-ground pools submerged into the soil might look structurally sound at first. That’s because the weight of the pool water and backfill are pushing against each other. But if you have to drain the pool for routine maintenance or replacing the liner, the walls will collapse.

Cutting corners

Homeowners ask pool contractors in Los Angeles, CA to bury above-ground pools because they think it will save them money. Above-ground pools are less expensive than their in-ground counterparts, and shady contractors will go along with the plan just so they can make a quick buck. However, cutting corners in construction never ends well. The pool will inevitably collapse, and when you give that contractor a call to fix it, you’ll never hear from them again.

You need a pool contractor who’s not afraid to tell you the truth, even if it’s not what you want to hear. When you pose the question, “Can I bury my above-ground pool?” a trustworthy contractor will say no. They have your best interest at heart and want the pool installation done right the first time. Rest assured your contractor will do everything within their power to build that in-ground pool, even if it means paying a little extra for quality.

You pay the price

A single pool installation costs tens of thousands of dollars. It’s no wonder homeowners in Los Angeles, CA may want to cut corners any way they can. What they often don’t realize at first is going the cheap route costs them more money in the long run. Imagine having to pay the pool installation fee twice! That’s what will happen if you bury your above-ground pool.

What’s more, the entire replacement cost will fall on you. If the contractor was negligent enough to bury an above-ground pool, chances are they don’t have insurance to cover the damage. Always make sure you’re hiring a licensed, bonded and insured professional to install your in-ground pool. At the end of the day, the contractor is at fault for a poor installation, not you.

Homeowners aren’t expected to know everything about pool installations. That’s why the trusted contractors at Avanti Pools, Inc. are here to answer your most pressing questions. We’ll build the in-ground pool of your dreams at the best price without cutting corners. Reach out today to learn more and schedule a consultation.