How Deep Can a Pool Be in California?

Pool construction varies from one homeowner to the next. It all depends on their preferences and how they intend to use the pool. Some find shallow waters work best, especially because there are restrictions on how deep a pool can be in California. Keep reading to learn about the different options a Los Angeles, CA pool contractor can offer you.

Safety regulations

The rules on how deep a pool can be in California are pretty cut and dry. The city ordinances of Los Angeles, CA specify the dimensions for both public and residential pools. Although you might see public swimming pools as deep as 12 feet, the regulations for homeowners are much stricter. Most contractors install pools with a maximum depth of eight feet, with an average closer to six.

It’s important to keep in mind there are different depth restrictions depending on the section of the pool. While eight feet is acceptable in the deep end, what’s considered the shallow end can’t exceed three and a half feet. Water flowing over the steps also shares this maximum depth. City officials enforce these restrictions so people with underdeveloped swimming skills can touch the bottom of the pool.

Pool activities

Think carefully about how deep you want the pool to be. Just because contractors in Los Angeles, CA are capable of digging an eight-foot hole doesn’t necessarily mean it should go that deep. The depth of your swimming pool depends on your preferred activities and the swimming skills of your family members. For instance, those simply looking to cool off and relax can make do with a pool that’s only about five feet deep. Shallow pools are also more ideal for playing water sports and for children who are learning to swim.

However, building codes state a pool must be at least eight feet deep in order to install a diving board. That’s why it’s so important to envision how your family will use the pool. Once your kids grow and become more confident in their swimming abilities, they might like a diving board in their backyard pool. Better to plan for the future than outgrow your original swimming pool.

Shallow vs. deep pools

As a homeowner, you have the freedom to customize the pool’s dimensions. When doing so, consider all your options and pick what best aligns with your family’s lifestyle. Shallower pools are most suitable for hosting large outdoor parties because you won’t know who’s a strong swimmer and who isn’t. That way, everyone can join in the fun.

The main downside to shallow pools is that they limit your activities. People who ask how deep a pool can be in California will likely need one that can accommodate a diving board and lots of room to swim around. However, deep pools can seem to exclude anyone who’s less active, which is the reason why shallower ones have become more popular among homeowners.

Determining the depth of your pool is a big decision, and you don’t have to figure it out on your own. The contractors at Avanti Pools, Inc. are your go-to source of knowledge about pool depth, construction, special features and more. Send a quick message and one of our Los Angeles, CA pool experts can show you how we’ll bring your dream pool to life.