Everything There Is to Know About Rain Curtains

Whether the sound is coming from a waterfall or a rainstorm, it’s tough to beat the sound of falling water. What if we told you that you could experience that same soothing sound every time you take a swim in your backyard pool? It might sound crazy, but it’s true!

A rain curtain is a water feature that creates the illusion of a water wall by having a stream of continually flowing water in your pool. Continue reading to learn what every pool owner in Los Angeles, CA should know about rain curtains and how they can improve your pool setup.

Benefits of rain curtains

Pool owners wouldn’t install rain curtains if they didn’t have any perks. Here are a few reasons to consider adding a rain curtain to your pool:

  • Cohesive appearance: Homeowners with a spa and pool can help create a cohesive look by installing a rain curtain that allows water to fall from the spa down into the pool (or vice versa). This is a neat look that’ll appeal to all homeowners and guests.
  • Soothing sounds: As mentioned above, the sound of falling water is soothing to everyone’s ears. Picture yourself lounging poolside and listening to the rain curtain—talk about a relaxing day by the pool!
  • Fun for kids: Trust us when we say that kids will love your rain curtain. Children of all ages will have fun swimming beneath the stream and feeling the water pour down onto their heads.

What shapes, styles and sizes are available?

Another cool thing about rain curtains is that they come in all different shapes and styles. Rain curtains in Los Angeles, CA can either be linear, curved or installed as a unique maze. Rain curtains are often designed to look like waterfalls against a wall and feature decorative lighting, but those decisions are obviously up to the homeowner.

The size of your rain curtain depends on your budget but also the amount of space you have in your pool. Your rain curtain could run the entire length of your pool, but that will be a more expensive installation.

A professional pool designer can help create a rain curtain that fits your personal preference and your budget.

Where does the water go?

Inquisitive minds often want to know where the water goes once it falls into the pool. Rain curtains are designed as a closed-loop system; once the water drops into the pool, it’s collected and pumped to the top of the curtain once again.

Because rain curtains are splash-free water features, you’ll never have to worry about water getting lost by splashing out onto the pool deck.

Install your rain curtain feature today

Ensure your pool is ready for the summer by adding a rain curtain as soon as possible. The team at Avanti Pools, Inc. specializes in installing all sorts of pool features, including rain curtains in Los Angeles, CA. Give us a call today to get a quote or to learn about all of the ways we can enhance your pool.