Why Installing a Pool Takes Longer Than You Might Think

Getting a pool installed is a great way to turn your home into a fun place to take a “staycation.” But you should be aware that it will not be an overnight process. It may take weeks or even months before you’re able to take a dip in your new pool. But don’t blame the swimming pool contractor in Los Angeles, CA—there are many reasons why it may take longer than you think to get a pool installed.

The reasons for the delays in getting a pool installed vary greatly. Installing a pool is a major construction project to begin with, and it takes a good amount of time even under the best circumstances. From the permit process to safety regulations to equipment issues, here are some reasons why it may take longer than you think.

Permit process

Getting a permit for any kind of construction in a big city can take a long time, and there is no magic wand a swimming pool contractor in Los Angeles, CA can wave to make things go any faster. Add to this the stresses and delays caused by the pandemic, and it may take longer than normal to even begin construction of any kind. Currently, depending on the city you live in, the permitting process can take two to four months to wade through, thanks to COVID-19.

Planning and design

The planning and design phase of the pool installation process can be exciting for a homeowner, but it also takes time. There are many things to consider in this step of the process, including budget, size, features and custom details. While much of this may be discussed while you wait for permit approval, there may be some aspects that need to be finalized with approval from the city before moving forward with further planning.

Pool construction

Once the permit process and design phase of your dream pool are complete, the actual construction can begin. This also takes a fair amount of time because of the many steps involved.

First, the swimming pool contractor in Los Angeles, CA must dig the hole for your pool; then it must be filled either with cement or a fiberglass shell. All of this also requires heavy machinery, as well as access to the construction area, which requires a lot of prep work. The good news is, once it begins, the actual construction process will seem like it takes no time at all compared to the wait of the permit process.

If you’re looking to get a pool installed in your home, an experienced swimming pool contractor in Los Angeles, CA will know how to avoid some common delays to get the job done as fast as possible. With more than 20 years of experience designing and installing pools—including over 60 years of combined experience on staff—Avanti Pools, Inc. is your best bet to get a pool installed as quickly as possible. Contact us to get started on building the staycation pool lounge of your dreams today.