What’s the Best Material to Use Around a Pool?

When you’re having a pool installed, there’s more than just the deep end to consider. In addition to thinking about what goes into the hole you’ll be excavating for the pool—not to mention dreaming of all those summer days you’re about to spend poolside—you need to consider what goes around the pool. There are many pool decking options in Los Angeles, CA that may fit your design, but what about functionality?

From concrete to natural stone to hand-painted tile, there are many different materials to consider for pool decking options in Los Angeles, CA. Here are some of the things to consider when deciding on your pool decking—and which materials may be the best option for a given concern.


One of the first considerations for many pool installation jobs is cost. Concrete is often the best choice for this concern, as it is an economical and effective pool decking option in Los Angeles, CA. It can be less expensive to pour concrete than to haul in paving units and place them individually by hand. Concrete doesn’t have to be plain looking, either. A pool contractor can apply a design or pattern in the concrete to give a pop of personality and still keep your project on budget.


Another important thing to consider for your pool decking is safety. Slip resistance is a big factor, especially if there will be kids around the pool. Tile is the least effective material at providing slip resistance, while concrete is the best option here.

There are options available with concrete to improve surface traction as well. Broomed or exposed aggregate finishes can be a safe and attractive option to enhance traction, as can a textured overlay. You can also have a clear, plastic grit mixed into the sealer before it is applied for extra protection against slips and falls.


A pool will naturally look inviting on a hot day, but it should also be aesthetically pleasing when you’re not swimming. As mentioned, there are many design options available with concrete that may fit your budget. It may also be possible to combine materials to take advantage of the aesthetic qualities of another material while still maintaining the safety and cost effectiveness of concrete.

Even a small area with a tile mosaic or natural stone pavers can make a big impact on the look of your pool area. If you have a spa area in your pool design, this might be a good area to splurge on the design budget.

With so many pool decking options out there in Los Angeles, CA, it pays to have an experienced pool contractor who’s available to answer your questions and offer helpful suggestions. With more than 20 years of experience designing and installing pools—including over 60 years of combined experience on staff—Avanti Pools, Inc. is your best bet to get a pool installed as efficiently and professionally as possible. Contact us to get started on building the pool of your dreams today. We look forward to working with you!