Pool Tile Ideas and Inspiration

Before you know it, summer will be back in full swing, making now the perfect time to invest in new pool tiles. Over time, tiles can fade, crack and experience other damages. If you want to breathe some new life into your swimming pool, try out one of the latest pool tile trends, including mosaic tiles, black tiles, herringbone tiles and many more.

With so many tile options, finding the perfect design for your pool can be difficult. We’ve tried to make things easier by covering some of the best modern pool tile trends:

  • Glass mosaic tiles: When looking for pool tile ideas and inspiration, it’s good to look up unique designs. Using glass mosaic tiles, a pool contractor can easily create a unique and beautiful design for your pool. Glass mosaic tiles come in a variety of amazing finishes, including polished, matte and iridescent.
  • Black tiles: Black pool tiles offer a sleek, modern look that you just don’t get with any other tiles. Visitors are sure to be blown away when they see your pool covered in black tiles. Black tiles go with most outdoor aesthetics, so be sure to ask your local tile provider about polished glass or frosted glass black tiles.
  • Blue tiles: Blue tiles are never going out of style. When it comes to modern pool tile trends, many people go with different hues of blue for the same project. This provides an elegant and creative look that’s sure to remind you of the ocean. Popular blue hues for pool tiles include turquoise, cobalt and glacier laguna blue. Blue tiles also work well when mixed with black tiles.
  • Herringbone tiles: If you’re tired of looking at basic, square tiles, consider investing in herringbone tiles for your pool. These tiles feature a unique, weave-like style that looks great in a variety of colors. Popular color choices for herringbone tiles include black, white, blue and gra Many people go with multicolored herringbone tiles for their pools.
  • Stone tiles: Offering a natural look, stone tiles are perfect for those looking to create a backyard oasis. These tiles look great with other natural elements, including gardens. Since stone tiles are porous, moisture can seep inside and cause damage over time. If you decide on stone tiles, be sure to have them sealed every few years. Options for stone tiles include sandstone, slate, travertine and many more.

Find the perfect tiles

Once you’ve decided on the perfect pool tiles, seek out a reputable pool contractor in your area. It’s important to only invest in top-quality tiles, as these will last longer and look great. A reputable contractor may even be able to help you decide on the perfect tiles for your pool.

Need additional pool tile ideas or inspiration? It’s time to speak with the experts at Avanti Pools, Inc. We offer a variety of beautiful and durable tiles, great for almost any pool. If you’re looking to invest in a new pool, contact us for an estimate.