Do I Really Need a Pool Cover?

Do I Really Need a Pool Cover?

Pools require maintenance all year round. However, what do you do with your pool during the offseason? Many pool owners are unsure whether they should use a pool cover during the winter. You may even have other questions regarding pool winterization. When it comes to choosing the right cover for your pool, there are certain things you should consider and additional factors that should help give you some clarity about the process in general.

Pool Covers

If you reside in a climate where you have to keep your pool closed during the winter months, or for a long period of time, having a pool cover is a must. Some climates that are warmer can opt for lighter covers or various protection styles. However, regardless of your climate, you need to make sure that your pool is covered when it is not being used. This will protect your pool from debris. Additionally, the liner and other equipment will remain protected from various weather elements during the off-season.

You can also choose from a variety of pool covers for the winter depending on your needs. Be sure to weigh all of your options to find the most appropriate coverage.

Choosing a Pool Cover

How can you make your pool cover installation easy? You can do this by choosing the right cover for your needs. This is mostly a personal choice, but you must make sure your cover fits your entire pool and is created for your particular reason.

You can choose the right pool cover by checking out some reviews and various products to see which one you like the best. Ground pools and above-ground pools will have different cover options to choose from. You will have many options to choose from, such as mesh and solid covers, safety covers, winter covers and much more. Depending on your climate, the type of cover you need may vary.

Chemicals & Draining

When it comes to chemicals for your pool, you will have a variety of winterizing kits and products that you can choose from. Kits for non-chlorine pools and pools with chlorine are available. Kits also come with rust protection, algaecide and shock treatment to make sure that your pool remains protected throughout the season. Kits are also available in various sizes depending on the size of your pool. This will ensure your pool receives the appropriate amount of chemicals.

Also, you won’t have to drain your pool. When you are preparing to close your pool up for the winter, you may need to lower the level of the water, but you should avoid draining it completely.

Pools that are above ground are created to push inwards against the force of the water it holds. This means that these pools don’t have a way to keep the walls intact if there is no water in them.  

Additionally, you should remember that above-ground pools need the same level of protection as in-ground pools. You will still drain only half of the water from your above-ground pool before covering it.