How Long Does Pool Installation Take?

Adding a pool to your property can be an exciting time. You have likely already made big plans for the long summer days, family barbeques, and pool parties. But exactly when will you be able to go for that big splash? Pool installations are a big construction project, and your big question is, “How long does it take to build a pool?”

The Pool Construction Process

Without too many challenges presenting themselves, a pool installation should take about a month. However, there can be many issues that pop up which could slow down progress.

The steps required to build a pool are rather simple, and it can be a straightforward process — except when it’s not. The time it takes to get your pool completed depends on a lot of factors. The contractor you choose will have the most dramatic effect on this process. Before you settle on a contractor, be sure to talk with lots of past clients. These individuals will give you the most honest information about timing, cost, and how easy or difficult the company is to work with.

Another factor that can greatly influence the length of time it takes to build a pool will be the weather. If the weather does not cooperate with your plans, it could slow down the process. You could also run into challenges with local permits. Each city will have its own set of codes and permits which must be followed. If you hire a reputable contractor, they will be familiar with the local codes and will be able to move through this step of the process easily.

How To Speed Up The Process

There are steps you can take to speed up the installation process. The first thing is to hire a contractor that is reputable and is very familiar with pool installation in your area. Remember, obtaining permits can be a slow process, so you might want to start this part of the installation early. The next thing you can do is keep your pool design simple. The more complex the pool design is, the longer installation will take. You can also help the process by planning your installation for a time when your area usually experiences long stretches of good weather.

If your pool installation slows down, the best thing you can do is relax and wait. The pool will get finished, and you will get to enjoy this great new addition to your home.