What Are the Most Popular Additional Pool Features?

Relaxing in the comfort of a private pool is the pinnacle of California homeownership. What better way to whisk away the heat and humidity than a dip in a cool and refreshing pool? Not only does swimming offer excellent exercise without the usual wear and tear on the joints, but your home is sure to be the epicenter of family gatherings, neighborhood block parties, and holidays if you have a beautifully designed pool. Keep reading to learn about the most popular pool features in 2022.

1. Swim Up Bar:

Just when you thought your pool couldn’t get any better, you realized that a bar could be installed so that you can sip, snack, and enjoy without having to leave your relaxing water oasis. Typically found at beachside resorts, bars are now becoming more commonplace in residential pools because of their intrinsic wow factor and the convenience offered.

2. Baja Shelf Installation

Also known as a tanning ledge or sun shelf, think of this feature as having a pool within a much larger pool. Typically, a Baja shelf is only 8 to 16 inches deep and allows you to perch chairs in your pool so that you can cool down while staying reclined and enjoying a beverage from your poolside bar.

3. Waterfalls

Not only do waterfalls add creativity to your pool area, but they can also create a cascading impact into the water below while making your pool reminiscent of a serene and tropical resort. 

4. Outdoor Shower

Likely the most practical item on this list, an outdoor shower is on the must-have list for many aspiring pool owners because it allows you to wash off chlorine before entering your home and enjoy a poolside shower in your own backyard.

5. Spillover Spa

A spillover spa is a hot tub or Jacuzzi built on a platform directly above and adjacent to your swimming pool and includes a cutout for excess water to flow from the spa to the pool. A spillover adds a waterfall-like sound to your pool and can be designed to your specification with a variety of tile and stone options.

6. Jump Rock

Picture an existing diving board and elevate it to a piece of art by using beautifully designed natural stones to create a jump rock with a waterfall. Once installed, this jump rock is sure to provide hours of fun for families of all ages.

When you are ready for your pool fantasy to become a reality, let the professional team at Avanti Pools, Inc. in Los Angeles, CA assist. Pools are our passion, and we’ll allow your dreams to become a reality while working within your budget to design and construct a spectacular pool in your backyard.