Is There a National Shortage on Chlorine?

Chlorine is a necessary chemical to keep your pool looking great and clean this summer. With the right concentration of chemicals and the right amount, you can keep your pool clean, clear and free of algae and bacteria that might be growing. Chlorine has been in short supply in the past few months, and it is leaving some asking if there is a chlorine shortage. 

Is There a National Chlorine Shortage?

In 2020, the plant that most of the supply of chlorine for the United States burned down. The plant was responsible for creating and providing most of the chlorine that is used in the United States, and the nationwide stockpile started to deplete. 

There was never a declared shortage, but the shutdown of the plant did make it hard for those that needed chlorine to get it for their pools and other various uses. The burned plant is slated to reopen in 2023 as it is being rebuilt and will begin operations again soon. 

It is important to note that some chlorine is available in the stores, but the prices may be higher than they were in recent years. This means that you may be able to find the chemicals you need, but that it might cost more to keep your pool as clean or as treated as you were able to when prices were lower. 

Can My Swimming Pool Contractor Get Chlorine?

For those with recent pool construction, your contractor is going to be more likely to be able to access the chemicals needed to upkeep your pool. Pool companies and pool stores are going to be far more likely to have the chemicals needed in stock and on the shelves than your grocery store or department store might be. 

It is essential to ensure that you have the right amount of chemicals and the right concentration to ensure that no bacteria or microbial growth can damage your pool and make the water unsafe. Your contractor is likely to be able to help you get the right amounts of chemicals and the right alternatives if they cannot get the chemicals you normally use. They may also be able to help suggest options like a salt water pool that does not require as much chlorine to keep it clean and to keep it so that you and your family can enjoy it.