The Cost of Self Cleaning Pools

There are a lot of people who consider getting a self cleaning pool set up at their house. They frequently come to Avanti Pools Inc. to see what kind of cost factors they may be looking at for their pool setup. Let’s talk about what those costs are and if a pool service might be worthwhile for you to get. 

Initial Costs

The cost for a swimming pool contractor to come out and help you set up a self-cleaning pool can cost upward of $5,000 to get started. Yes, this is a heavy expense for many people, but it can also pay off when you think about the value that it adds to your home both from an enjoyment point of view, but also from the real value that it adds to the price tag of your home as well. If you want to invest in your home in a way that helps you get more out of it in the long run, then there is no question that you need to consider looking at a self-cleaning pool. 

You Will Need a Pool Cover

To get the best possible results, you will need a pool cover ready to go for your pool. It will help keep the leaves and other debris out of your pool. Yes, the pool is self-cleaning, but you can still keep it maintained much better by getting a cover that you can use to keep the excess debris out of the pool. If you do that, your self-cleaning pool won’t have to work quite so hard to do the job it is designed to do. This may make it last longer and get better results for you overall. 

Challenging to Read Faults

The self-cleaning pool you put into place is so well designed that it may be challenging to tell when fault codes need to be addressed. You will definitely need to check on this kind of thing for yourself regularly. You may even want to call out a swimming pool contractor to help with the situation in the event that you are struggling to read those codes or aren’t sure what they mean. Someone from our team will be happy to come out and help you get a better understanding of what is going on with your pool if you will let us do so. 

Best With New Pools

Finally, we leave you with the idea that self-cleaning systems are best used on new pools. It is possible to use it on any pool, but the best results will come from a pool that has been newly installed. Otherwise, the pool may have some issues with getting the job done for you in the ways you have come to expect. Please make sure you look at getting your self-cleaning system installed in new pools in particular.