The Most Impressive Pool Designs of 2022

When you do business with Avanti Pools Inc., you will know for certain that you are getting the best possible information about custom pool designs and anything else you might want to know about from our team of experts.

We want to be your swimming pool contractor, and that is why we are so adamant about making sure you get the best possible information directly from the source (that’s us). Today, we will look at some of the best custom pool designs of 2022. 

Edible Poolside Garden 

An edible poolside garden is a design choice enjoyed by many. Place a garden near the pool and use it as a great place to grab some snacks straight from the plants. Besides the utility of the garden, it is also a nice design feature because of the look of the edible garden as well. It basically has everything in one package. 

It is easy to move around in the garden because you can set things up in such a way that you, your family, or friends can take a brisk walk through the garden at leisure. Thus, it is the ideal design for a pool setup, and it is a great place to escape to and check out the garden all at the same time. You truly cannot beat that when it comes to getting an all-in-one package of everything that you want to see out of a beautiful garden and pool combination. 

Sunny and Sleek

Building something into a home that works with its mid-century design and yet keeping things modern and unique-looking is not easy to do. However, going with the sunny and sleek look that some pools have now is a great way to make it happen. Focusing on making the pool a simple part of the background picture of everything else that is happening in the backyard is an excellent way to get even more value out of it and keep it sleek. That is what some property owners are turning to today. 

Imagine a dark green/blue bottom on this pool, making the design quite unique. It is truly something that speaks to people with a modern sensibility and desire to enjoy a pool in a modern home such as this. 

Ranch Revival

The Ranch Revival option is something that has dazzled many people already, and it seems likely that many others will continue to use this pool as their inspiration for designing their own pools in the future. 

Features such as tubular rocks from the 1940s add a splash of elegance and interest to a pool that deserves it. Those are just a nice finishing touch on a pool that has a lot of ranch-style features going for it. You won’t want to miss out on the throwback design of this pool, but keep in mind that it also has a lot of modern appeal to it as well. You can have it all when you go with the Ranch Revival style.