Swimming Pool Induction Lighting Systems

Inground pools are so fantastic, and the right lighting can make it a thing of beauty. But swimming pool lighting may be an issue. There are tons of options when it comes to lighting for your pool, and taking the time to find the best option and the safest option can make a big difference. Induction lighting is a great way to make sure your pool is well lit and safe.

What Is Pool Induction Lighting?

Pool lighting is responsible for about one death a year when these lights are not well installed and can then leak electricity into the pool. Induction lighting in your swimming pool construction can help make your lighting not only look great, but also be safer for those that are swimming.

Induction lighting systems are far safer than traditional lighting systems in your pool and can help you to have a safer light overall. These lights are wireless and contactless and can help you get the lighting you need in your pool, without the worry that you might get electrocuted by your lights.

How Does Induction Pool Lighting Work?

The pool lighting works by a wireless power source that is located outside of the pool and is sealed so that it cannot get wet. The pool light then fits into the power source, and a magnetic field is what is responsible for inducing the power to the light. This makes it easier to swap out lights when they are out and when they need to be replaced, it is easier to make sure that you are winterizing your lights and more.

With an induction lighting system, you can ensure that your electrical outlet never comes in contact with the pool water which makes it safer and easier to swap out the lights if they do go out. Induction lighting is super safe, it is easy for your contractor to get installed and ready to go, and it is something that is easy for your to maintain on your own.

With the help of your contractor, you will be able to really get the overall look that you want from a lighting system, with a bit more safety and ease of use and maintenance. They are also not super expensive and will not be something that you spend a huge amount of money on to get the lighting system you have always wanted and are looking for.