The Ultimate Guide to Jandy Salt Chlorinators: Everything You Need to Know


The Jandy TruClear Salt Chlorinator is a simple and reliable system that allows pool owners to easily maintain their pool’s chlorine levels. In this guide, we will explore the features, benefits, and specifications of the Jandy TruClear Salt Chlorinator.

Features of the Jandy TruClear Salt Chlorinator:

  • Extreme Reliability: Constructed with durable Jandy Never Lube valve material, the TruClear Salt Chlorinator is built to last.
  • Easy to Install: With versions available for new construction applications and retrofit installations with unions, the TruClear Salt Chlorinator can easily adapt to most equipment pad configurations. Its compact design also takes up less space.
  • Simple to Service: The transparent window design allows for easy visual inspection of blades, making maintenance a breeze. The removable cell with an attached cord can be easily dipped into a cleaning solution for quick service. Additionally, the tool-free twist-lock connector ensures a foolproof, one-step electrical connection to the power pack.
  • Three-year standard warranty: The Jandy TruClear Salt Chlorinator comes with a three-year warranty, giving pool owners peace of mind.

Control with iAquaLink:

The Jandy TruClear Salt Chlorinator can be controlled from a smartphone using the iAquaLink app when combined with AquaLink Automation Systems. This feature allows for convenient monitoring and adjustment of the chlorine levels in your pool.

Reduce Chlorine Use by Up to 50%:

When using Jandy salt chlorinators with a mineral sanitizer like Jandy TruGuard, pool owners can reduce their chlorine use by up to 50%. This reduction in chlorine usage eliminates the hassle and cost of adding additional chlorine to the pool. Additionally, the Jandy TruGuard utilizes Nature2 mineral technology, which is an EPA registered product that only requires 0.5ppm chlorine to disinfect a pool.

Specifications of the Jandy TruClear Salt Chlorinator:

  • Sanitizer Type: The Jandy TruClear Salt Chlorinator is a saltwater chlorinator.
  • Body Material: The body of the chlorinator is made of CPVC.
  • Erosion Feed Type: N/A
  • Chlorine Output: The TruClear Salt Chlorinator can generate 0.93 lbs (420 gm) of chlorine per day.
  • Connections: Connections are not included.
  • Input Current: The chlorinator operates on 120/240 VAC, 50/60 Hz, with a current of 2-4 AMPS.
  • Output: The maximum output of the chlorinator is 25V DC.
  • Pool Size: The TruClear Salt Chlorinator is recommended for pool sizes up to 35,000 gallons.
  • Recommended Flow Rate: A minimum flow rate of 20 GPM is recommended.
  • Cartridge Life: N/A
  • Recommended Tablets: N/A
  • Chamber Capacity of Chlorine: N/A


The Jandy TruClear Salt Chlorinator is an excellent choice for pool owners looking for a simple and reliable system to maintain their pool’s chlorine levels. With its durable construction, easy installation and servicing, and the ability to reduce chlorine use, the TruClear Salt Chlorinator offers both convenience and cost savings. Plus, the added control with the iAquaLink app makes it even more convenient for pool owners to monitor and adjust chlorine levels. Consider adding the Jandy TruClear Salt Chlorinator to your pool for a hassle-free and efficient chlorination system today!

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