Unlocking the Secrets of Zodiac Pool Systems: A Comprehensive Guide


Zodiac Pool Systems has a rich history of innovation, spanning over 120 years. The brand has continuously focused on developing the best technology, pushing the boundaries with their non-stop innovative approach. The company began its journey with the creation of small mechanical toys in 1896, but soon expanded its offerings to include pool cleaning products. However, it was the invention of the first rubber dinghy that truly brought Zodiac to fame. This spirit of innovation and drive for excellence continues to shape the brand’s reputation today.

Comprehensive solutions for pools

Zodiac Pool Care Europe was established in 1998 to handle operations related to pool maintenance and water quality. The company’s mission is to design, manufacture, and sell innovative pool equipment that caters to the diverse needs of pool owners. With a commitment to constant improvement and performance, Zodiac offers comprehensive solutions for pools, ensuring optimal functionality and cleanliness.

Robot Cleaners

One of the standout products offered by Zodiac Pool Systems is their range of robot cleaners. These intelligent devices use advanced navigation systems and powerful suction to efficiently remove dirt, debris, and leaves from pools. Zodiac robot cleaners are equipped with self-diagnosis capabilities and customizable cleaning schedules, making pool maintenance easy and hassle-free. With these cleaners, pool owners can enjoy crystal-clear water year-round.


Zodiac Pool Systems also provides innovative heating solutions for pools, allowing users to extend their swimming season. Zodiac’s heating systems are designed to maximize energy efficiency while providing optimal warmth to the pool water. By utilizing cutting-edge technology, these heating systems enable pool owners to enjoy comfortable swimming temperatures in all weather conditions.

Filtration Equipment

Maintaining clean and healthy pool water is crucial, and Zodiac Pool Systems offers a wide range of filtration equipment to achieve this goal. Their filters are not only highly efficient but also environmentally friendly, designed to minimize energy consumption while maximizing water circulation and filtration. With Zodiac’s filtration equipment, pool owners can ensure the continuous removal of impurities, resulting in clear, sparkling water.

Water Treatment

Zodiac Pool Systems understands the importance of proper water treatment in maintaining a safe and enjoyable pool experience. They offer a variety of products for water sanitization, including chemical feeders and saltwater chlorinators. These systems provide effective water treatment and disinfection, ensuring that the pool water is safe and free from harmful bacteria.


Indoor pools often face challenges related to high humidity levels, leading to issues such as mold and deterioration of the pool surroundings. To tackle this problem, Zodiac Pool Systems offers dehumidification solutions specifically designed for pool environments. These systems effectively control humidity levels, preventing moisture-related damage and creating a comfortable and healthy indoor pool environment.

The Mission to Innovate

Zodiac Pool Systems is driven by the mission to constantly innovate and provide effective solutions that free pool owners from the constraints of maintenance. By focusing on cutting-edge technologies and efficient design, Zodiac ensures that pool owners can fully enjoy the benefits of their pools without unnecessary hassle. With Zodiac, swimming enthusiasts can focus on the joy of swimming while leaving the pool maintenance tasks to the reliable and innovative products of the brand.

About Fluidra

In 2018, Zodiac Pool Systems joined the Fluidra group, creating a leading global group in the pool and well-being industry. Fluidra is a multinational company headquartered in Spain, operating in over 45 countries. They are dedicated to developing innovative products, services, and IoT solutions for both residential and commercial pool markets. The company owns a portfolio of renowned brands, including Jandy, AstralPool, Polaris, Cepex, Zodiac, CTX Professional, and Gre. Through this partnership, Zodiac Pool Systems can bring their extensive experience and innovative solutions to pool owners worldwide in a responsible and sustainable manner.


Zodiac Pool Systems has established itself as a trusted brand in the pool industry, thanks to its unwavering commitment to innovation, customer satisfaction, and cutting-edge technology. With a comprehensive range of products, including robot cleaners, heating systems, filtration equipment, water treatment solutions, and dehumidification systems, Zodiac addresses every aspect of pool maintenance and optimization. By choosing Zodiac, pool owners can unlock the secrets to a pristine, well-maintained pool experience, allowing them to fully enjoy the pleasures of swimming without the stress of upkeep.

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