Light Up the Pool for a Nighttime Swim

Swimming at night can be incredibly fun and relaxing, as you have the nighttime air surrounding you, and the pool water is the perfect temperature. However, to ensure you can have the most fun while still being safe, you need to consider hiring a swimming pool contractor to illuminate the pool area for when you take a nighttime swim.

Illuminate Pool Perimeter and Pathways

One of the first areas you will want to light up is the paths to and from and around the pool. This helps ensure you can see the outer edges of the pool easily and avoid stubbing your toe on a landscaping stone as you make your way to the pool. LED pool lighting will offer a subtle glow in these areas while adding a touch of charm.

Highlight the Landscaping

LED pool lighting is not only for the pool itself. In fact, you should use it to showcase the landscaping around the pool area. From flower beds to gazebos, LED lighting can help the decorative features of your yard stand out in the dark. If you have a water feature as part of your pool or surrounding landscaping, hidden spotlights can be used to highlight these features.

Prepare for Intimacy

There may be some instances when you don’t want the pool area illuminated very brightly, but you would like enough light to be able to see well and keep the atmosphere intimate. LED pool lighting with a dimmer switch is effective at allowing a softer, warmer illumination when you want something a little more special.

Use Unique Colors

While white or off-white lights are the go-to, you may wish for something a little more upbeat. If this is the case, consider LED pool lighting that is available in multiple colors. Some lighting may be multi-colored, a specific color like blue or purple, or switch through several colors. Colored lights can be great when you are having a larger gathering or a party, whereas a peaceful green or calming blue set of lights may be ideal for a more relaxed atmosphere.

Ready To Illuminate Your Pool With LED Pool Lighting?

While some lighting installations around the pool can be DIY projects, you may prefer to work with a professional swimming pool contractor to ensure everything is set up properly and looks the best it can. Contact Avanti Pools, Inc. when you want a professional touch to your pool lighting installation.

What You Need to Know About Smart Pool Lighting

Lighting can set the mood for any space around the house, both indoors and outdoors. If you’re making improvements to your swimming pool or building a new one from the ground up, don’t forget to add some thoughtfully designed lighting features. Not only does the right lighting provide you with a safer environment, but it also enhances the look of your pool and the surrounding landscape as a whole.

Outdoor lighting has come a long way in recent years, with smart pool lighting options becoming a standard feature in many new pools in Los Angeles, CA. Here’s how smart pool lighting can enhance your swimming experience.

Smart lighting makes it easy to control a variety of fixtures in and around the pool

With the right smart pool lighting strategy, you can make sure your entire outdoor space in Los Angeles, CA is safe for use after dark. In the past, pool contractors typically only installed one light at the deepest part of the pool. Today’s pool owners know that when it comes to lighting this special feature, the brighter the better. Depending on the size of your pool, you should add at least three or four fixtures to give it the most stunning look.

You’ll also want to have plenty of lighting fixtures outside of the pool. Light up the pool deck or other hardscape surfaces so you and your guests can safely navigate these areas after dark, and consider highlighting other features in the yard like landscaping. When the fixtures are part of a smart lighting system, they can be conveniently controlled from a phone or computer—you don’t even need to be on the property to turn the lights off or on.

Smart lighting helps you save on your energy bills

Since you can control a smart lighting system no matter where you are in the world, you can make sure the lights are on only when they need to be. As part of your smart lighting system installation, make sure to install fixtures that use LED bulbs. They produce the brightest light, but need to be strategically placed to highlight the pool instead of shining directly in your eyes. Rely on a pool lighting technician to suggest the best placement for your fixtures.

Smart lighting can be part of larger smart systems with more features

One of the great aspects of smart pool lighting is that it can be integrated with other smart features that increase the enjoyment of your entire outdoor space. With smart systems, it’s all about convenience. At the push of a button, you can control the lighting, sound system, security system and so much more to give you complete peace of mind and total relaxation in your outdoor space.

A refreshing swimming pool enhances your life in Los Angeles, CA, and the right smart pool lighting strategy can make your entire outdoor space an even more inviting place to be. A professional pool contractor can ensure that your lights are not only up to code, but also positioned to highlight the unique features of the pool and its surrounding landscape. Contact Avanti Pools, Inc. today to bring your pool to life with high-quality smart lighting.

Benefits of Installing Smart Pool Lighting

Investing in a swimming pool is always exciting, but there are lots of choices to be made when it comes to design, dimensions and features. With so many different pool designs out there, you might be unsure which kinds of features are most important to you. Thankfully, learning about some popular pool features, including smart pool lighting in Los Angeles, CA, can help you put together the right design for your needs, preferences and budget. Keep reading to learn more about smart pool lighting and why this feature is such a good investment.

All about smart pool lighting

LED lights have revolutionized pool design. These lights are brighter and more powerful than traditional incandescent bulbs, and they are far more efficient and longer lasting. This allows property owners to illuminate swimming pools more effectively without spending nearly as much money on bulb replacement and energy.

LED smart pool lighting in Los Angeles, CA offers all kinds of benefits for property owners. Here are a few of the most significant advantages of installing LED smart pool lighting:

Smart pool lighting in Los Angeles, CA

Get help with the perfect pool design and best pool features, including smart pool lighting in Los Angeles, CA, by reaching out to Avanti Pools, Inc. With our decades of experience providing custom pool design and construction services, you can rely on our team to make your vision for your swimming pool a reality. Browse our website to check out some of our best work and give us a call to get started with a consultation!

Five Benefits of LED Pool Lighting in Los Angeles, CA

Do you like going for a swim in your pool after the sun sets? If you do, you’re well aware that your pool needs proper lighting. A well-lit pool ensures that you can see everything in the water while enjoying pool games well into the night. But what kind of lights should you choose? Should you install standard lighting that’s been around for ages, or should pick LED pool lighting in Los Angeles, CA? We think the answer is simple: go with LEDs. Continue reading to learn about some of the main advantages of LED lights:

Be sure to call Avanti Pools, Inc. if you’re ready to install LED pool lighting in Los Angeles, CA. We’ll install your new lighting quickly and easily, so you can dive in and start enjoying your new lighting during a late-night swim.