Pools Offer a Way to Alleviate Joint Pain

Many people experience joint pain, whether due to repetitive activity, sports, injuries or simple genetics. People over the age of 40 are especially susceptible to severe joint pain and arthritis, and physical activity can become extremely painful or even impossible in these instances. However, pools can help alleviate some of this pain!

Swimming and doing exercises in the water are great ways to help with joint pain or arthritis and also come with a host of other health benefits. If you are over 40 and experience frequent joint pain, consider contacting a pool builder in Los Angeles, CA. A pool can be both a fun activity and a tool to better your health.

Why water helps

Many doctors and rehabilitation specialists recommend water aerobics and water exercise to help soothe arthritis and joint pain, particularly for older adults. The buoyancy of water will support your body weight, which eases the stress on your joints and reduces pain. Exercising in a warm pool especially minimizes pain and increases circulation. Ask your pool builder in Los Angeles, CA for heating options, because you’ll want to keep the water between 82 and 90 degrees.

Water has 12 times the resistance of air, meaning that water exercise requires more effort and burns more calories. This resistance helps you strengthen your muscles without the strain of exercising on land. It will also help improve your cardiovascular health—since you can work harder than you would on land, you’re able to keep your heart rate up consistently. Exercising in water can also help you work on improving balance and increase your range of motion with the joints that are giving you the most trouble.

Water exercises

There are a number of exercises you can do in a pool to alleviate joint pain. Most exercises can either be done at chest level, such as water walking, squatting, lunging or sidestepping. You can also do exercises in deep water. These motions require more effort because you are not stabilized on the pool floor, but can allow for a better range of motion for people with more severe joint problems or upper-body joint pain. Use a flotation belt or noodle to help you “water walk” in the deep end.

Spas and hot tubs can also be useful to help you relax tight muscles. From a seated position, you are able to do small-motion joint exercises and stretches. If you are going to start exercising in the pool, talk to a pool builder in Los Angeles, CA about building the best style pool for your desired activity.

Ease your pain from your own backyard

By building a pool in your home, you will gain an accessible way to alleviate pain from arthritis or joint problems. Try doing aerobics or other exercises in warm chest-level or deep water to build up your range of motion and get your body feeling better.

If you are looking to build a pool, hot tub or spa to alleviate your joint pain, call Avanti Pools, Inc. today. We are a pool builder in Los Angeles, CA with more than 15 years of experience designing and installing beautiful pools and spas with a variety of luxury features, and we look forward to helping you soon!