Effortless Maintenance: The Magic of Self-Cleaning Pools


Have you ever dreamed of a pool that magically cleans itself, allowing you to spend more time enjoying the water and less time scrubbing and vacuuming? Well, the good news is that self-cleaning pools are no longer just a fantasy. Thanks to advances in technology, owning a pool with built-in self-cleaning capabilities is now a reality.

How Do Self-Cleaning Pools Work?

Self-cleaning pools operate on a system of carefully designed features that work together to keep the water crystal clear and free of debris. One of the key components of self-cleaning pools is the built-in filtration system. Unlike traditional pools that require manual cleaning and backwashing of filters, self-cleaning pools use specialized filtration systems that automatically remove dirt and debris from the water. These systems can include advanced in-floor cleaning jets, skimmers, and cartridge filters that work together to ensure that your pool stays clean and healthy.

Another important feature of self-cleaning pools is the circulation system. Proper water circulation is essential for maintaining water quality and preventing algae growth. Self-cleaning pools utilize strategically placed jets and return lines to ensure that water is constantly circulating and moving through the filtration system. This continuous flow of water helps to distribute chemicals evenly and prevent the buildup of bacteria and algae, keeping your pool water sparkling clean.

In addition to filtration and circulation, self-cleaning pools often use automated cleaning systems to help keep the pool walls and floor free of algae and debris. These systems can include robotic cleaners that move along the surface of the pool, scrubbing and vacuuming as they go. Some self-cleaning pools even have the ability to schedule cleaning cycles, ensuring that your pool is always ready for a swim without any manual effort on your part.

What Are the Benefits of Owning a Self-Cleaning Pool?

The benefits of owning a self-cleaning pool are numerous and can have a significant impact on your overall pool ownership experience. Here are just a few of the advantages of investing in a self-cleaning pool:

1. Time-saving: Perhaps the most obvious benefit of owning a self-cleaning pool is the time saved on maintenance tasks. With a self-cleaning pool, you can say goodbye to endless hours of skimming, scrubbing, and vacuuming, allowing you to spend more time relaxing and enjoying your pool.

2. Cost-effective: While the initial investment in a self-cleaning pool may be higher than a traditional pool, the long-term savings on maintenance costs can make it a cost-effective choice. By reducing the need for manual cleaning and chemical treatments, self-cleaning pools can help you save money on maintenance over time.

3. Improved water quality: Self-cleaning pools are designed to maintain optimal water quality by continuously circulating and filtering the water. This means that you can enjoy clean, clear water without the worry of algae growth or other water quality issues.

4. Energy-efficient: Many self-cleaning pools are equipped with energy-efficient pumps and filtration systems that help to reduce energy consumption. By using less energy to keep your pool clean, you can lower your overall operating costs and reduce your environmental impact.

5. Convenience: With a self-cleaning pool, you can enjoy the convenience of having a pool that is always ready for a swim. No more worrying about scheduling cleaning sessions or manually scrubbing and vacuuming—your self-cleaning pool will take care of the hard work for you.


Self-cleaning pools offer a range of benefits that can enhance your pool ownership experience. With their advanced filtration systems, automated cleaning features, and energy-efficient design, self-cleaning pools make it easier than ever to maintain a clean and healthy pool with minimal effort. If you’re considering investing in a pool, a self-cleaning option may be the perfect choice for you.

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The Cost of Self Cleaning Pools

There are a lot of people who consider getting a self cleaning pool set up at their house. They frequently come to Avanti Pools Inc. to see what kind of cost factors they may be looking at for their pool setup. Let’s talk about what those costs are and if a pool service might be worthwhile for you to get. 

Initial Costs

The cost for a swimming pool contractor to come out and help you set up a self-cleaning pool can cost upward of $5,000 to get started. Yes, this is a heavy expense for many people, but it can also pay off when you think about the value that it adds to your home both from an enjoyment point of view, but also from the real value that it adds to the price tag of your home as well. If you want to invest in your home in a way that helps you get more out of it in the long run, then there is no question that you need to consider looking at a self-cleaning pool. 

You Will Need a Pool Cover

To get the best possible results, you will need a pool cover ready to go for your pool. It will help keep the leaves and other debris out of your pool. Yes, the pool is self-cleaning, but you can still keep it maintained much better by getting a cover that you can use to keep the excess debris out of the pool. If you do that, your self-cleaning pool won’t have to work quite so hard to do the job it is designed to do. This may make it last longer and get better results for you overall. 

Challenging to Read Faults

The self-cleaning pool you put into place is so well designed that it may be challenging to tell when fault codes need to be addressed. You will definitely need to check on this kind of thing for yourself regularly. You may even want to call out a swimming pool contractor to help with the situation in the event that you are struggling to read those codes or aren’t sure what they mean. Someone from our team will be happy to come out and help you get a better understanding of what is going on with your pool if you will let us do so. 

Best With New Pools

Finally, we leave you with the idea that self-cleaning systems are best used on new pools. It is possible to use it on any pool, but the best results will come from a pool that has been newly installed. Otherwise, the pool may have some issues with getting the job done for you in the ways you have come to expect. Please make sure you look at getting your self-cleaning system installed in new pools in particular. 

Understanding Self-Cleaning Pools in Los Angeles, CA

Swimming pool owners have a lot of responsibilities. It’s up to you to keep the water and pool chemicals balanced, put in safety features and perform regular maintenance. If the thought of having to clean it all the time is holding you back from installing a brand-new swimming pool, then a pool cleaning system may be right for you. These systems are designed to clean on their own so you don’t have to.

Want more info? Read on for a better understanding of self-cleaning pools in Los Angeles, CA.

What are self-cleaning swimming pools?

A self-cleaning pool is powered by an in-floor cleaning system. It is an automatic and integrated cleaning system that’s built into the bottom of your swimming pool. The majority of these systems consist of a pump, pop-up rotating heads, a canister for collecting high volumes of debris and a main pool drain with another debris intake.

Here’s how self-cleaning pool systems work. Once activated, the rotating heads come up from the bottom of the pool and begin spraying jets of water. This pressure is needed to remove dirt, algae and other debris from the pool’s surface. Next, water circulates through the filter to remove contaminants from your pool. The final result is crystal-clear water to swim in.

Smart pools vs. traditional pools

The traditional way to clean swimming pools is the “eyeball and skimmer” method. This cleaning system pushes water across the top of your pool into a skimmer, which then feeds it through a filter and into a pump. Finally, the water is pushed back into your pool through the system’s eyeball return jets. While a traditional skimmer system can circulate a great volume of water in about eight hours, it may not circulate through the whole pool.

A more effective way to clean your pool is by installing a smart pool system. Self-cleaning pools in Los Angeles, CA offer a modern, less taxing way to maintain a clean swimming pool. Built into the bottom of the pool are in-floor nozzles that work to push water around your pool in a circular pattern. This ensures all the water in the pool is constantly moving, so water at the top is eventually circulated to the bottom.

The benefits of in-floor cleaning systems

Self-cleaning pools offer a host of benefits, including warmer water and the even dispersal of bacteria-killing chemicals and more:

If you want to learn more about self-cleaning pools in Los Angeles, CA, call Avanti Pools, Inc. Our pool experts are ready to answer all your questions!

How Self-Cleaning Pools Can Improve Your Summer

It’s officially summer, and anyone who owns a pool knows that now’s the perfect time to unroll the cover, inflate the pool floaties and take a dip. Unfortunately, there’s also a less enjoyable side to owning and enjoying a pool: cleaning it.

Get ready to spend hours each week scrubbing, sifting and adding chemicals to your pool to keep its sides, floor and water clean and safe for swimming in. Nobody likes a dirty pool, but we’re willing to bet you don’t like spending time or money on pool cleaning, either.

If you’re building a pool to enjoy this summer, consider adding a self-cleaning system to it! Self-cleaning pools in Los Angeles, CA are convenient and cost-effective, and they offer a ton of benefits for all kinds of pool owners.

What to know about self-cleaning pools

Most self-cleaning pool systems are built into the floor of your pool. They use a series of strategically placed water jets to blow away debris and grime from the pool floor, steps and sides and send the dirt toward the filters.

These jets can retract into the pool floor to create a seamless, clean appearance that won’t interrupt you while you swim.

Self-cleaning pools in Los Angeles, CA are fast, easy and efficient. They are known to clean away almost all dirt and grime without the need for scrubbing robots, hoses and hassle.

Get ready for a better summer when you buy a self-cleaning pool system

Self-cleaning pools come with a bunch of benefits that can make your summer easier and more fun! Enjoy peace of mind and less work when you have a self-cleaning system installed:

If you’re interested in building a self-cleaning pool in Los Angeles, CA, call Avanti Pools, Inc.! We are experienced pool contractors with over 60 years of combined experience building custom pools and spas.