Using Smart Phones to Control Your Pool

Over the last decade, smart phone technology has advanced rapidly. Smart phones have been even further integrated into everyday life thanks to an increasing range of other smart home capabilities. Many people know about the use of smart phones for managing HVAC and lighting systems, for example, but fewer people are familiar with their role in pool and spa automation in Los Angeles, CA.

An automated pool system is designed to give homeowners the freedom and convenience to remotely adjust and control various pool settings and functions. These systems typically feature a main hub that collects information and interacts with settings and controls. This main hub is controlled using a smart phone app that can be fully integrated with other smart home technology. Smart phone pool control interfaces give you the ability to control many different things with the touch of a button, no matter where you are. Read on to find out more about the ways in which smart phones can be used to streamline pool management:

  • Adjust pool temperature: Maintaining the ideal temperature of your pool is essential for your comfort, but you don’t want to waste energy on heating your pool when it isn’t in use. With a smart phone pool control system, you can make adjustments to your pool temperature from anywhere. If you decide you’d like to go swimming when you get home from work, simply adjust your temperature settings so the water will be ready for you. This can help you save money on energy while ensuring you’re comfortable while you’re using your pool.
  • Activate jets: Pool and spa automation in Los Angeles, CA allows you to turn your jets on with the touch of a button on your smart phone. And if you forget to turn your jets off after you leave the pool, simply turn them off using your app!
  • Control lighting: Your pool lighting adds to the atmosphere of your space, and automated pool and spa controls allow you to adjust this atmosphere in a matter of seconds. Select the pool lighting and colors that suit your preferences to enjoy the best experience possible when using your pool. Automated pool technology also enables users to control dimmer settings, lighting timers and landscape lighting.
  • Pumps and filters: Automated pool systems control pumps and filters to regulate pool cleaning and water circulation. This makes the pool maintenance process a lot easier and enables streamlined management of water quality. Some automated pool systems detect water imbalances and automatically adjust filters and cleaning settings to keep water clean.

Pool and spa automation in Los Angeles, CA

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