How Easy Is It to Install a Saltwater System?

We get customers all the time who ask us, “How easy is it to install a saltwater system in Los Angeles, CA?” They want to make the switch from a chlorine pool to a saltwater pool—and they’d like to do it themselves. The good news is that making the transition only takes a few hours and some basic knowledge of plumbing and electrical systems.

After adding the correct amount of pool salt to your pool, mount the chlorinator controller near your pool equipment pad and wire the controller for power. Next, install the chlorinator cell into the pool plumbing after the filter. Finally, connect the chlorinator cell to the controller, and voila—you’re all set!

The advantages of a saltwater system

Saltwater pools are becoming increasingly popular across the globe, and for good reason. Here are the benefits of installing a saltwater system over the traditional chlorine pool:

  • Cleanliness and safety: Traditional swimming pools are full of tons of different chemicals that can have adverse health effects, especially if there’s an imbalance of the chemicals in the pool. You won’t get that with a saltwater pool, as it’s just salt keeping the water nice and clean.
  • Easier maintenance: A saltwater pool isn’t maintenance free. However, it typically doesn’t necessitate as much upkeep as a traditional swimming pool. Additionally, figuring out how much pool salt you need is a whole lot easier than balancing the chemicals needed for a chlorine pool.
  • Cost-effective option: Buying pool-grade salt from the hardware store is a whole lot less expensive than picking up all of the different chemicals needed for a traditional pool. In fact, you could save hundreds of dollars throughout the year after making the initial investment for your new system.

Reasons to hire a professional

The answer to the question, “How easy is it to install a saltwater system in Los Angeles, CA?” is “fairly simple.” That said, we typically advise against DIY installation unless the homeowner is an electrician or a plumber. Here are the reasons hiring a professional is often a better choice than going it alone:

  • Guaranteed results: Installing a saltwater system by yourself has some inherent risks, like causing leaks or burning up the electrical components of your pool. That won’t be a problem if you hire a professional to do it for you! You’ll get a perfectly-working saltwater pool in a matter of hours.
  • Worry-free installation: If you’re not entirely confident in your electrical or plumbing skills, installing a saltwater system can be a bit nerve-racking. After all, one slip-up could result in a costly repair bill. Avoid any unnecessary worry by calling a professional to set up your saltwater system today.

Instead of focusing on “How easy is it to install a saltwater system in Los Angeles, CA?” just pick up the phone and give the experts at Avanti Pools, Inc. a call. Whether you’re looking to install a new pool or convert your chlorine pool to a saltwater one, we’re the team for the job!