Is Painting My Pool a Good Idea?

Homeowners with a cracked or failing pool often try quick fixes to resolve the problem. One of the more common routes for repairs is simply painting over the cracks. When customers ask us, “Is painting my pool a good idea in Los Angeles, CA?” we always tell them, “No!” This post will cover the reasons you should never paint your pool.

Problems caused by painting

We wouldn’t advise against painting pools for no reason. Here are a few of the issues caused by pool paint:

  • Ineffective fix: Painting the pool to “fix” cracks or other defects is like putting a Band-Aid on a broken leg—it’s not very helpful! On top of being an ineffective repair option, painting the pool drives down its overall appearance and makes it look shoddy.
  • Cloudy water: The paint used to make cosmetic repairs will eventually rub off the walls, especially if you have children playing in the pool and agitating the water. As you can imagine, the excess paint makes the water a nasty, cloudy color that will require additional cleaning to remove.
  • Clogs: If it’s not removed swiftly, that floating paint could cause clogs in your pool’s filtration system. This is a vicious cycle, as a clogged filter isn’t able to properly clean the water, leading to even dirtier pool water. On top of that, cleaning out a clogged filter isn’t exactly how you’d want to spend your afternoon.
  • Ruined swimsuits: Swimming in cloudy water for long periods can actually damage your swimwear. You may notice small spots on your bathing suit that won’t come out after a run through the washing machine.

Hire our team to construct your pool!

Avoid the need to ask, “Is painting my pool a good idea in Los Angeles, CA?” by hiring Avanti Pools, Inc. to install your new pool. These are the top reasons to choose us for installation:

  • Qualified experts: You won’t find a more experienced or capable crew for your pool construction project than our team! Every contractor who works with us is fully certified through the Association of Pool and Spa Professionals to ensure high-quality results. Regardless of the pool’s size or location, you can trust us to execute the job.
  • Three-year warranty: We’re so confident that you’ll love your pool that we offer a three-year warranty for everything from the masonry and tile to the plumbing and electrical components. You won’t find a deal like that anywhere else in the area.
  • Full-service company: There’s no need to hire multiple crews when you call our team—we handle everything from the initial design all the way through construction. We work closely with each of our customers to ensure they’re getting the pool of their dreams at an affordable price.

The answer to the question, “Is painting my pool a good idea in Los Angeles, CA?” is “no.” The answer to the question, “Who should install my new pool?” is Avanti Pools, Inc. Give us a call today to get a consultation for your new pool or to learn more about our services!