What Can I Expect to See During the Excavation Process?

So, you’ve decided to get a pool—congratulations! Or, maybe you’re just thinking about getting a pool and are wondering, “What can I expect to see during the excavation process?” as it relates to your Los Angeles, CA home. Well, it’s more than just a lot of digging. It’s a major construction project, and here’s what you need to know about it.

No matter the size, installing a pool is a big ordeal. There’s the main excavation for the pool itself, and there are also trenches to connect the wires and pipes needed to keep your pool at the right temperature. These trenches connect the pool to the pool equipment, and, in turn, connect that equipment to the electrical panel. There will also need to be trenches to connect the pool equipment to the gas meter, and possibly other locations.

In short, what you can expect to see during the excavation process involves putting a big hole and several trenches in the ground (but it is more than just a lot of digging). Often this will result in the entire yard needing to be dug up. If there is landscaping in the yard, you should expect that it will be disturbed in some way, and possibly even replaced if need be to dig trenches to install the underground conduits.

This will, of course, leave you with a massive amount of dirt. It will probably be too much to post on Craigslist or Nextdoor for neighbors to come haul away for their backyard vegetable gardens, so you should be ready with a plan to haul it away and a destination in mind. You can hire a company to take it away, or just get a wheelbarrow and redistribute it yourself. Considering the average pool excavation can generate a load of dirt the size of about four or five garden sheds, it might be more than you can easily hide elsewhere in the yard.

Different types and sizes of pools have different installation needs and timelines. For example, fiberglass pools are the fastest to install, since they come pre-made in one piece. Vinyl inground pools are similar to this. Concrete or gunite pools take longer, and the total install time depends on everything from weather to the details of your project.

Some good questions to ask when calling for a quote include:

  • Size: What is the size pool you desire? (Approximation of gallons or dimensions is usually fine for an estimate.)
  • Hot tub options: Will there be a hot tub?
  • Water features: Will there be fountains or other water features included in the installation?
  • Maintenance considerations: Will it be covered or open?

If you choose to go with a gunite or concrete pool, you can expect several large trucks in the front yard during the whole process. That means you should expect some damage to the grass where the trucks park and in the areas surrounding the pool. You should also find a large area, perhaps 20 square feet, for the dirt and debris to live during the excavation process.

Avanti Pools, Inc. is here to help complete your swimming pool project—call us today to get started or for more information about what you can expect to see during the pool excavation process in Los Angeles, CA.