Selecting the Right Pool Builder

When selecting a pool contractor in Los Angeles, CA you are basically giving someone permission to dig a big hole in your yard, disrupt your routines and somehow create a beautiful swimming pool at the end of the process. This demands trust, and finding the right builder for the job is no small task. It can also be intimidating. If you are looking to remodel or build a pool, here are five tips for finding a good contractor:

  • Ask around: If a friend or neighbor recently built a pool, ask them who they hired and what they think about them. You may get a glowing recommendation, or at least know who to avoid. Check online reviews on Angie’s List and Yelp. There will always be those reviewers who are never happy about anything, but you want to see what the majority of comments have to say about customer service, timely construction and staying on budget. This will give you a few to evaluate.
  • Check licensure and reputation: Reviews and recommendations may not tell the whole story. Ask for references, and be wary of any contractor who claims they do not have any or refuse to give them. Verify insurance and registration so you are covered if anything goes horribly wrong. Check the Better Business Bureau database for any unresolved complaints or a long history of inflated prices and inattentive service. It is also reasonable to inquire about financial stability—you do not want the company going bankrupt and leaving nothing in your yard but a big hole in the ground.
  • Secure written estimates: Never rely solely on a verbal estimate. Any estimate you secure from a contractor should be detailed, with reasonable timelines on construction. If you have a budget, the contractor should be able to offer options close to that budget, rather than try to upsell you on features beyond what you can afford. Estimates should also include details pertaining to material and labor costs. Finally, discuss any common circumstances that may affect price or timelines and how the contractor manages them.
  • See good communication: Contractors should clearly communicate regarding the quality of their work and how they face challenges. While it is impossible to build a pool without disturbing landscaping, ask about how they manage it—especially if you have an area in your yard that you wish to preserve. Also, ask about how they handle delays or problems—how will they contact you, and how will it be resolved? You want a contractor who informs you before material or labor costs increase or construction takes longer than expected.
  • Inquire about safety: During pool construction, there will be a big hole in your yard and equipment staying there overnight. Ask about safety precautions and how your property is kept clean throughout the process. You want a company that pays attention to these details and hauls away debris when the project is done. Confirm their post-construction processes and how they will help you restore your yard to normal.

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