Keep Pool Construction on Schedule and on Budget with These Five Tips

Many people avoid building a new pool or remodeling a current one because they are concerned about schedule and budget. It is true that every pool contractor in Los Angeles, CA is busy right now, but that does not mean that your project has to completely disrupt your budget or plans. You only need to know what to expect and plan along with it. Here are five tips for pool installation that proceeds on time and on budget:

  • Start with a good contractor: Pools are complex, and even an above-ground pool should be installed by a professional. That means finding the best pool contractor for your project. Check references, both those given by the contractor and those presented online, and confirm bond, registration and insurance status. If a contractor has several reviews mentioning that they finished construction late, failed to communicate or added unexpected fees, be wary—you could become their next victim.
  • Comply with local regulations: Excavating for a pool is extensive work, and it can become disruptive to utility lines and fencing. You also need to be sure that your pool does not require additional permits and complies with safety standards. Regulatory violations can delay construction and result in fines. Neither development is good for on-time, on-budget construction, so clarify with your contractor whether they navigate the permit process or if you need to finish that work on your own.
  • Communicate with your contractor: If you have landscaping you want left as undisturbed as possible or there are access issues with your yard, discuss that with the contractor when you call to schedule an estimate. Challenging issues can affect your estimate, so it is best to bring them to the forefront early. Otherwise, you may face bad surprises in the form of slower construction, increased costs and the destruction of the beloved landscape you wanted to preserve.
  • Design carefully: Even if you have a grand vision, your pool contractor and designer may see things differently. There is a chance that your plan for a pool and your yard, local regulations and lot boundaries are not compatible. If this is the case, follow the advice of your designer to get as close to your desires as possible. Delayed construction often results if plans are not possible or become more expensive than expected. Choosing a design that works for your ideas and your yard is an excellent way to stay within budget and finish on time.
  • Plan ahead: When possible, start inquiring with pool builders in early spring. Once summer starts, we become busy very quickly. If you are looking at a summer project, do not plan a large outdoor party two weeks after you book your consultation. Construction will take much more time than that, and you do not want to cancel a party and disappoint guests. Expect the best, but be realistic.

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Warning! Frontloading Is Illegal

When you’re looking for a pool contractor, there are a lot of factors you’ll want to consider. Price, budget, experience and reliability are all important to look for, as are valid contractor’s licenses and proof of insurance. Plus, you’ll need to research multiple contractors and compare bids. On top of all of that, you have to watch out for frontloading, which is an illegal practice in Los Angeles, CA.

What is frontloading?

Frontloading is the practice of taking either very large down payments or requiring payments for work that hasn’t been completed yet. While you should expect to make payments up front and as labor continues, paying for the work before it’s done could leave you in the lurch if your contractor abandons the project partway through construction.

You can spot frontloading easily when you interview multiple contractors and receive different bids. This should give you a baseline to compare what you might be charged and when—so if a contractor gives you a bid with an oddly large down payment or will require you to pay before the work is finished, you can decline the bid.

Many contractors will provide financing options. This not only helps assure you that illegal frontloading isn’t occurring, but the fact that they have relationships with banks is also a sign of a good reputation and longevity.

Other ways to ensure your pool contractor is reputable

When you interview contractors and receive bids, you’ll ask a lot of questions—and they should include asking about licenses, insurance and past work. Make sure that your contractor has a C-53 swimming pool construction license from the California State License Board, or is working with a reputable subcontractor who holds the license. In fact, if they’re working with subcontractors, you should research them as if they were the general contractor for your pool building project. They should have both liability and worker’s compensation insurance, which will protect them as well as you from liability should injury occur.

Checking a business’s reviews with the Better Business Bureau and other consumer review websites can be enlightening as well. If anyone has made complaints, you’ll be able to see if there’s a pattern or if it’s a one-time occurrence.

Finally, ask your pool contractor to put you in touch with former or current clients. Hearing about their experiences will give you a better idea of what to expect, and if their experience is one you’d like to repeat.

Avoid frontloading with a reputable pool contractor in Los Angeles, CA

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Who Can Build Pools and Spas?

Choosing the right Los Angeles contractor for your pool and spa construction requires more than just Googling “pool contractor” and picking the first one in your area. In fact, for maximum protection, as well as guaranteeing a certain level of skill, you’ll want to pick a fully licensed and insured contractor.

Who is licensed to build pools and spas in Los Angeles, CA?

If your pool or spa job will cost more than $500 (which is the majority of swimming-related construction projects), then your contractor needs to hold a license from the California State License Board. Specifically, they need a C-53 swimming pool contractor’s license. General building (“B”) and C-27 landscape contractors can also help build pools, if they hold a specialty pool license or work with a C-53 swimming pool subcontractor.

To earn this license, a contractor has to have four years of journeyman-level experience in the field, pass a written exam, post a license bond, pass a background check and provide proof of worker’s compensation insurance when applicable.

How to pick the right swimming pool contractor

Finding a swimming pool contractor doesn’t have to be a huge hassle, but it’s also important not to rush through the process. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

Picking the right pool contractor can be something of a research process, but you’ll be glad you took the time.

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What to Look for in a Swimming Pool Contractor in Los Angeles, CA

Installing a swimming pool on your property can benefit you in a number of ways. Not only do swimming pools offer fun and relaxation for you, your family and your friends, they can also boost the curb appeal and value of your home. Regardless of why you decide to install a swimming pool, it’s important to find a swimming pool contractor in Los Angeles, CA that you can trust to deliver reliable service. Here are some characteristics to look for:

Hire a swimming pool contractor in Los Angeles, CA

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Work with the Top Pool Contractors in Los Angeles, CA

In sunny Southern California, it’s almost always a great time to get outside and take a soak in your pool or spa, which is why it’s a great investment for your future to have one installed or updated. But because pools and spas are expensive, you want to be sure to choose the right people to do the job, lest you pour your money into a poorly constructed water feature that needs expensive repairs early on.

If you’re on the hunt for exceptional pool contractors in Los Angeles, CA, you can count on Avanti Pools, Inc. Read on to find out more about what makes us the right choice:

We hope this short introduction makes it clear that if you’re looking for pool contractors in Los Angeles, CA, the best thing you can do is call up Avanti Pools, Inc. Since 1999, we’ve made it our mission to help people like you in the local community to make the most of California’s beautiful weather by building you an oasis that exceeds your expectations, whether that be a small pool with a current system that allows you to exercise at home, or the perfect pool/spa combination to provide a backdrop for your next big cookout. Call today to set up a free consultation!