What You Should Know About Cocktail Pools

When many people think of an in-ground pool, a large pool with a big concrete pool deck comes to mind. But that doesn’t have to be the case! Cocktail pools—also known as compact pools—are typically less than 400 square feet and are very trendy right now in the pool community. Continue reading to learn a little bit more about unique cocktail pools in Los Angeles, CA.

Who can benefit from a cocktail pool?

Technically, any customer could benefit from installing a cocktail pool in their yard, but cocktail pools are more suited for some of our clients than others.

Homeowners with limited backyard space are ideal candidates for a new cocktail pool. Because they’re so small, the pool can fit perfectly in the yard while still allowing room for a patio or other entertainment space.

Cocktail pools are also ideal for folks who just want to take a dip to cool off once in a while. These clients are typically older homeowners who don’t have kids that want to spend hours swimming and playing in the water.

How much does a cocktail pool cost?

Because they’re a fraction of the size of a regular pool, it stands to reason that cocktail pools can be installed at a fraction of the price. In fact, you can install a cocktail pool for as little as $5,000 if you perform some of the labor yourself and use cheaper materials. But on average, a cocktail pool costs about $25,000 all in.

That price tag may seem high for some folks, but it’s worth noting that a full-size in-ground pool starts at about $50,000, so a cocktail pool is also an excellent investment for anyone looking to go for a swim on a budget.

How can I elevate a cocktail pool?

Nobody said cocktail pools in Los Angeles, CA have to be boring, little dipping pools. Here are a few ways you can upgrade your pool without breaking the bank:

  • Jet and heaters: You can easily turn your cocktail pool into a spa by installing jets and/or heaters. In addition to relieving those sore muscles, this option allows you to utilize your cocktail pool on chilly evenings.
  • Water features: Waterfalls, fountains or bubblers are common water features found in upscale pools—there’s nothing stopping you from installing those same features in a cocktail pool! They’ll elevate the pool’s appearance while providing a soothing atmosphere.
  • Swimming machines: A swimming machine creates a current in the water, much like swimming upstream in a river. This machine essentially allows swimmers to swim for miles, so your cocktail pool can be transformed into an Olympic-sized pool with the flip of a switch!

Start designing your cocktail pool today

Beat the heat this summer by putting in a cocktail pool. At Avanti Pools, Inc., we specialize in installing all sorts of pools, from Olympic-sized pools to cocktail pools in Los Angeles, CA. Give us a call today to start planning your new pool—we look forward to working with you!

Why You Should Never Bury an Above-Ground Pool

Pools are a huge investment, so it’s natural for homeowners in Los Angeles, CA to search for the lowest price possible. However, the cheapest option isn’t always the best. For those wondering if they can bury their above-ground pools, the answer is no—and here’s why.

Why it doesn’t work

Above-ground and in-ground pools aren’t interchangeable. Not all pools fulfill the same purpose, which is why they’re given different names. One key difference is the materials used to construct the outer shells. In-ground pools are made with tough, load-bearing steel that stands unmoving against the sheer weight of the surrounding backfill. Thus, only certain materials—and types of pools—are suitable for in-ground use.

On the other hand, the walls of an above-ground pool are constructed with a much thinner, flimsier sheet of metal. They’re not designed to bear the weight of anything other than pool water. Above-ground pools submerged into the soil might look structurally sound at first. That’s because the weight of the pool water and backfill are pushing against each other. But if you have to drain the pool for routine maintenance or replacing the liner, the walls will collapse.

Cutting corners

Homeowners ask pool contractors in Los Angeles, CA to bury above-ground pools because they think it will save them money. Above-ground pools are less expensive than their in-ground counterparts, and shady contractors will go along with the plan just so they can make a quick buck. However, cutting corners in construction never ends well. The pool will inevitably collapse, and when you give that contractor a call to fix it, you’ll never hear from them again.

You need a pool contractor who’s not afraid to tell you the truth, even if it’s not what you want to hear. When you pose the question, “Can I bury my above-ground pool?” a trustworthy contractor will say no. They have your best interest at heart and want the pool installation done right the first time. Rest assured your contractor will do everything within their power to build that in-ground pool, even if it means paying a little extra for quality.

You pay the price

A single pool installation costs tens of thousands of dollars. It’s no wonder homeowners in Los Angeles, CA may want to cut corners any way they can. What they often don’t realize at first is going the cheap route costs them more money in the long run. Imagine having to pay the pool installation fee twice! That’s what will happen if you bury your above-ground pool.

What’s more, the entire replacement cost will fall on you. If the contractor was negligent enough to bury an above-ground pool, chances are they don’t have insurance to cover the damage. Always make sure you’re hiring a licensed, bonded and insured professional to install your in-ground pool. At the end of the day, the contractor is at fault for a poor installation, not you.

Homeowners aren’t expected to know everything about pool installations. That’s why the trusted contractors at Avanti Pools, Inc. are here to answer your most pressing questions. We’ll build the in-ground pool of your dreams at the best price without cutting corners. Reach out today to learn more and schedule a consultation.

How Deep Can a Pool Be in California?

Pool construction varies from one homeowner to the next. It all depends on their preferences and how they intend to use the pool. Some find shallow waters work best, especially because there are restrictions on how deep a pool can be in California. Keep reading to learn about the different options a Los Angeles, CA pool contractor can offer you.

Safety regulations

The rules on how deep a pool can be in California are pretty cut and dry. The city ordinances of Los Angeles, CA specify the dimensions for both public and residential pools. Although you might see public swimming pools as deep as 12 feet, the regulations for homeowners are much stricter. Most contractors install pools with a maximum depth of eight feet, with an average closer to six.

It’s important to keep in mind there are different depth restrictions depending on the section of the pool. While eight feet is acceptable in the deep end, what’s considered the shallow end can’t exceed three and a half feet. Water flowing over the steps also shares this maximum depth. City officials enforce these restrictions so people with underdeveloped swimming skills can touch the bottom of the pool.

Pool activities

Think carefully about how deep you want the pool to be. Just because contractors in Los Angeles, CA are capable of digging an eight-foot hole doesn’t necessarily mean it should go that deep. The depth of your swimming pool depends on your preferred activities and the swimming skills of your family members. For instance, those simply looking to cool off and relax can make do with a pool that’s only about five feet deep. Shallow pools are also more ideal for playing water sports and for children who are learning to swim.

However, building codes state a pool must be at least eight feet deep in order to install a diving board. That’s why it’s so important to envision how your family will use the pool. Once your kids grow and become more confident in their swimming abilities, they might like a diving board in their backyard pool. Better to plan for the future than outgrow your original swimming pool.

Shallow vs. deep pools

As a homeowner, you have the freedom to customize the pool’s dimensions. When doing so, consider all your options and pick what best aligns with your family’s lifestyle. Shallower pools are most suitable for hosting large outdoor parties because you won’t know who’s a strong swimmer and who isn’t. That way, everyone can join in the fun.

The main downside to shallow pools is that they limit your activities. People who ask how deep a pool can be in California will likely need one that can accommodate a diving board and lots of room to swim around. However, deep pools can seem to exclude anyone who’s less active, which is the reason why shallower ones have become more popular among homeowners.

Determining the depth of your pool is a big decision, and you don’t have to figure it out on your own. The contractors at Avanti Pools, Inc. are your go-to source of knowledge about pool depth, construction, special features and more. Send a quick message and one of our Los Angeles, CA pool experts can show you how we’ll bring your dream pool to life.

Building a Pool on a Slope

Not all backyards are perfectly level, especially if you live on a hill. Can you still build a pool on a slope in Los Angeles, CA? Luckily, the answer is a resounding yes: although there are some challenges involved, it’s completely possible. Here are some of the solutions that make it possible to build a pool on a slope or hill—and some of the features you can build to make it a truly spectacular backyard space.

Slope solutions

There are two main ways to build a pool on a slope: adding terracing or retaining walls. Terracing involves adding several retaining walls down the hill, leveling off each area for a flat surface. This creates an effect like giant steps, which you can fill with different garden sections as well as your brand-new pool. It’s an excellent way to clear space for a pool and create visual interest, but it’s also a practical solution. Each of these “steps” helps prevent erosion and runoff.

When you use terracing, you can place your pool on any of the levels. The retaining walls help capture any rain and direct it to the garden levels, although proper drainage is key to achieving that goal.

You can also opt to add just one retaining wall, which offers similar grading results. Depending on where the retaining wall is, it can serve as a way to protect your pool from runoff and erosion and provide extra seating areas. This doesn’t have quite the same dramatic visual effect as terracing, but it’s an effective way to prepare a sloping backyard for a pool.

When it comes to drainage, you’ll need to ensure that water runoff is directed far away from your pool. Your pool contractor will help you design a solution that protects your pool and backyard while being as visually unobtrusive as possible.

Take advantage of your slope by adding these unique features

Now that you know it’s possible to build a pool on a slope in Los Angeles, CA, you can start thinking about how to take advantage of your natural backyard features. Slopes provide some unique opportunities for a variety of features.

First, you can make your pool an infinity pool. This gives the appearance that the pool just drops off at the edge—the water runs over a glass wall into a collection area below. This type of pool is especially popular if your slope provides a beautiful view.

Multi-level patios are another great solution made possible by slopes. Instead of a terraced garden, you can create the ultimate entertaining space—or add both for even more incredible impact.

Finally, you might consider adding a swim-up bar, especially if you plan to do a lot of entertaining in your backyard. Your guests will love the novelty and relaxation that comes with this particular feature.

Whatever you choose, working with a great pool contractor is a must. Get in touch with Avanti Pools, Inc. to discuss your options today. We’d love to schedule a consultation to talk about your pool ideas!

How Long Does a Pebble Tec Finish Last?

If you’re thinking about building a new pool in Los Angeles, CA, or resurfacing one you already own, you should consider a Pebble Tec pool finish for your pool interior. While classic plaster remains a popular choice, this newer material is far more beautiful, longer lasting and easier to maintain.

Anyone can have a regular white plaster pool, but if you want to turn your backyard into a soothing oasis, adding a Pebble Tec interior can dramatically transform the look. Here’s why people love Pebble Tec, and how long you can expect it to last in your Los Angeles, CA pool.

What is Pebble Tec?

Pebble Tec pool interiors use small pebbles, aggregated with a specially formulated plaster. The pebbles form the majority of the surface, so you mostly see the smooth rocks. When your pool is filled, it gives the look (and feeling) of walking through a crystal-clear riverbed.

Here’s why people love Pebble Tec for their pool surfaces:

How long will the finish last compared to plaster?

If you already own a plaster pool, you’re probably familiar with its challenges. Staining, discoloration, cracks, crumbling and bacteria are all too common. Caring for a plaster pool takes a lot more time and effort (and chemicals) than when you have a Pebble Tec finish. Furthermore, you’ll need to have your plaster pool resurfaced about once every five years. It’s hardly what anyone wants to be doing when the temperatures finally get warm enough for swimming.

Pebble Tec finishes, on the other hand, last for over 20 years in Los Angeles, CA. As long as you keep up on your maintenance, you won’t need resurfacing or repair like you might with plaster interiors. The result is a beautiful, easy-to-maintain interior with natural stone. While Pebble Tec is more expensive than traditional plaster surfaces, saving on maintenance time, pool chemicals and regular resurfacing can make up for the cost difference.

Not sure if Pebble Tec is right for your pool in Los Angeles, CA? Avanti Pools, Inc. has been in the pool business since 1999. Give us a call today to talk about your options, get a quote and learn more about Pebble Tec’s beauty and longevity.